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I can smell food will provigil help me lose weight better than I could when I wasn't on Topamax. Have not had any headaches since beginning the drug, lost about 15 pounds, but have not had a period since?? Think we went up the meds too quickly and was just too much for my body to handle. If I can lose 35 more lbs, I will be down to 130lbs after a lifetime of struggling with weight problems. It has worked very well for me. Thanks. I also have been on other drugs, and found that nothing works quite like topamax does. You'll get sick. Have you tried any hair growth shampoos like rogaine or anything? Hope that tip helped. But can not handle the unbearable runs> Please tell me this will go away:-) Even though it's helped me a lot, there are side effects to Topamax. Make sure to eat a lot of protein. Just wondering if the topamax combined with the weightloss would cause me not to menstrate. The biggest one I've noticed, and this might sound weird, is being disgusted by food because of the smell. I have am eplileptic and experience petit-mal seizures, that in return cause mingraines and I also experience mingraines without having a seizure. But your body still needs exercise to remain healthy while you lose the weight. I end up eating a lot of bland foods. Also, I know how tempting it is not to exercise while on Topamax since you tend to lose weight without needing the physical activity. Everything came back negative. Does anyone else get the numbness in their face? I wasn't sure if it was the Topamax or stress or what? This is what results in the side effect of loss of appetite, at does provigil cause dry mouth least for me. Filling up on junk food or carbs is a bad idea. I was on Topamax for neuralgia in my leg and had the bonus of the side effect anorexia. This way your stomach won't be upset, and you'll continue to lose weight and your body will be healthy while doing it. It makes food seem repulsive and I don't want to eat. I just try to spray root enhancers on my scalp and deep conditioning masks. And soup is veryeasy to eat on Topamax. *If any of you also experience this appetite loss, please remember that it is very important that you still eat. My face tingles, especially my lips and feels really sensitive, even my hair when it blows in the wind feels sore, I've reduced the dose slightly and that does seem to have to have helped. It is HORRIBLE, and I don't know what it's from. Go to your dr and get a psych referral to get the drug, hopefully it will work, good luck I have been taking 400 mgs of Topamax for 3 years and I have noticed my will provigil help me lose weight hair thinning a lot. I think Topamax is a wonder drug : )! The hair loss problem seems to affect all people who lose will provigil help me lose weight weight quickly and many times is a protein problem. I've been taking Topamax for 5 months for migraines. But I feel the Topamax has actually started a small bit on my tremors and want to continue. I also eat a lot of soup. Keep your eye open about the drug qnexa, combo of phentermine and topamax, hopefully july 17 it will be fda approved for weight loss for bi of 30 or more or other weight causing problems too, You need a prescription for topamax but it is also given for mood disorders which most of us have when we are overweight. But I can't go back to having the terrible migraines even though I still have some form of a headache everyday. Before I took Topamax the migraines were quite bad, I was having them a couple times a week. I have friends who have been on weight watchers and have had this also. See what works best for you when it comes to food. Does it get better? A more acidic broth like tomato might upset your stomach but it's all trial and error. They recently came back and I am will provigil help me lose weight back on will provigil help me lose weight Topamax. Had THE worst stomach pain I've ever had on Monday night, thought I was going to end up in hospital, I've never had a baby but could imagine it was worse than labour, thanfully it passed within about 20 minutes and touch wood I havent had it since then. I am so happy to hear that you actually did lose the weight a second time around. Try making your own. Eat protein and vegetables first and if you're still hungry then have that dinner roll and dessert. Still hopeful the topomax will help with this. It's overwhelming at times and depending on the food can make me nauscious. I have been on Topamax for two months now 100mg. Try not to have any other meds or ssri antidepressants , we all know gain weight is a huge issue with these. Because I have never heard anyone else say that, and I get it all the time and it's to where like I can't feel my cheeks or nose or sometimes my whole face. However, I do get the tingling (my feet and hands) and numbness (my face), and the confusion and forgetfulness. I take Vitamin B12 and Pantothenic Acid to stop the tingling (both over the counter) but I was born with seizures and if at almost twenty-five this is the first seizure medicine that I am not allergic to I will gladly take the side side affects over the seizures. Good luck to you all. I have also not seen any abnormal hair loss although i wouldnt notice i have enough hair on my head for 3 people. Q:I was curious if anyone who is taking topamax is on birth control and if they have noticed any side effects with that? I've been dealing with the tingly fingers and feet which is slowly getting better, sadly not the weight loss I'm reading about here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I've been to the gyno and they ran prego tests and blood work. I eat way more vegetables than I ever did before(and not just because of my diet) but they usually have to be raw because the smell when they're cooked is too strong. I'm more aware, painfully so, of how it smells and also how it tastes. Had a miscarriage in early december, so the jan 31 period was my first and only cycle where to buy modafinil/provigil in uk after the miscarriage. So far I have experience tingling in my feet and hands (only in the morning it seems). If you make you own soup, or meals, you get what is the medication provigil to put whatever you want in it. I can't eat anything like candy(even without my diet restrictions)or sometimes just simply things that are naturally sweet like peaches because the taste is too strong. I have noticed a slight weight loss (my clothes are fitting a little will provigil help me lose weight better). Plus the weight loss is a great bonus. I have been on Topamax for a little over 3 months now, and I love it. All of this I could probably deal with if it was helping with the headaches but it's not, if anything I feel they're worse. I actually got off topamax 2 years ago, because the migraines stopped. Even just a simple walk around the block is good for you. I am on it for three reasons (grand-mal, partial tonic-clonic modalert 200 vs provigil seizures, and migraines). The first time I lost about 35 lbs with the effects but kept going and lost a total of 76lbs. I used to have migraines at least 5 or 6 times a week, and now I only have like 2 a month. If provigil effects on dopamine so did it work? But I'm hypothyroid and we're having a very hard time getting it under control. I'm 46 and I have migraines I have been prescribed propranolol they upped me to 80 mg twice a day been on this for about four years due to a herniated disc in my neck and a was given a bottle of Topamax 50 mg didn't know if that provigil modafinil cost was safe to take I've been wanting to try it and also for weight loss but I still get recurrent migraines that put me down for about 5 to 6 days so will provigil help me lose weight I would really like to try this but not sure if it's worth the risk or if I can take it with Proponalol and estradiol which is hormone replacement. I have put on about 25 pounds over the last 2 years I would like to lose and was wondering if anyone has lost weight a second time around??? So that's the biggest and pretty much only side effect Ive had to deal with. I started with daily headaches about 7 and a half months ago. I just started taking Topamax, This is actually my first day and have had severe diarreha, does this ever stop or subside? It's fun and that way you can cater to your own individual tastes. My biggest question is about agitation, every night I feel like I am going to crawl out of my skin. If you're having trouble finding something to eat, I recomend soup. On Topamax you tend to eat will provigil help me lose weight less. I'm not convinced it's cluster migraines but have told we have to give the topamax 6-8 weeks before we can try something else. I have the dizziness, the tingling, the loss of appetite (losing about 20lbs a month). Strange. Thank you for your reply! Hi everyone, Looking for some advice, I'm in the UK where apparently not a lot is known about topamax so my gp is pretty much tied and just going with what the neurologist says. A blander chicken broth is usually best. I am taking 6novacaine shots in my neck weekly hopefully not forever. It's not always that medications like provigil bad, usually on a night, from 5pm onwards but the last week it's never really gone away. I've lossed 22 pounds. It typically gets better after I've taken my topomax (I take mine at night) and klonopin. * Sugary sweet food is another thing that makes me sick. Becky I am 21 years old an have been on topamax for 3 months now and am on 50mg of topamax a day (2 pills at night). ^_^ started taking topamax on jan 31 for migrains and love the result. Great deal. Do not skip meals! Have the tingling in my hands and cost of provigil per pill feet. I hope my tips and advice about how Ive dealt with it help any of you out there who also are experiencing the same side effect! So, my question really is when you all started on the topamax was the relief immediate or did it take months to have an effect? It's like my smell has been enhanced. The only side effect I have experienced is weight loss, which I am thrilled about. It's part liquid so your stomach handles it better. I feel like I'm wearing a helmet thats 3 sizes too small for my head and is crushing my skull, a real pressure headache. I am having several symptoms. But its not cool at all!! 15 pounds in 3 months without having to work out or eat healthy? Now I have maybe one a month. As most of you probably know, I was actually staying home.. Does anyone else deal with this? Been on the topamax 3-4 weeks now and seem to be having all the nasty side effects with none of the benefits. I am taking Topamax will provigil help me lose weight for severe Tremors as well as Zoloft, Clonazapan & Lortab. Good evening, I was put on Topomax about a month ago to help with migraines, I am now at my dose of 100mg. Has anyone else experienced anything like this. I agree that it does come with the tingling feeling, and losing some hair, but I have been able to get my life back it seems like. It really comes out in the shower. My doc tells me it does change your taste buds and the only thing that really tasted good to me was milk. I have been off Topamax for about 4 months and just started back on it today, hoping for the side effect and also hope this time it will help with the neuralgia. Hello, I used to take Topamax for migraines in high school because my migraines were taking away from my everyday life.

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