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Every day I would loose tons and tons of hair and it has a nasty, frizzy look and feel to it. I am going back to school and wanted to have a clear head and do well. It really comes out in the shower. My dr called weight gain on provigil me in a script for topamax for my migraines. I just try to spray root enhancers on my scalp and deep conditioning masks. I wasn't sure if it was the Topamax or stress or what? I also lost 20 lbs very quickly, a bonus in my book! Go to your dr and get a psych referral to get the drug, hopefully it will work, good luck My question to everyone is, has anyone started off taking Topamax first with no hair loss (for long enough to be able to tell) and then switched to the generic, Topiramate, and then experienced hair loss??? The dose on the topamax is listed as take one 100mg pill at bedtime. I cannot take the weight gain!! Does anyone else deal with this? Please advise. If so did it work? I've been dealing with the tingly fingers and feet which is slowly getting better, sadly not the weight loss I'm reading about here. I would just like to comment to those dog ate provigil self prescribing. So just be careful. I just started taking Topamax, This is actually my first day and have had severe diarreha, does this ever stop or subside? Also depending on where you live... Does it get better? I was on Topamax for almost 9 months (Aug 2009 to May 2010) and thought it weight gain on provigil was a miracle drug! Well, I was almost hoping they would find something wrong with me so that they could begin to fix it! Then I order it. YIKES I have been on Topamax for a month. Oh, and I promise to keep this post up to date to let you know if I have lost any weight or had any unwanted side effects. Several years I saw a neuorologist who told me that this drug can make you feel "stupid".... No adverse reactions. Then I would have the painful process of waiting for the new hair to start growing back. And hair grows in stages so all the hair that was due to fall out had to continue falling out until it was done, even after I stopped taking it. I didn't take it then. -Desperate I have just started topamax for the second time in my life. My medicine cabinet used to read like some of these postings, with eleventeen different prescriptions. Thanks!! I have been getting some stomach pains and cramps (but sometimes my stomach acts out for no apparent reason, I'm lactose intolerant, so my indigestion system is very touchy). On imitrex as well, it does not work either. Thanks. I am wondering if I should try the brand name (Topamax) but am really scared that I will experience the hair loss all over again after I am finally started to see new growth. I gained about 10 pounds, started biting my nails, more irritable, etc. No such luck! Now, I am on nothing and considering Topamax for nightmares and weight loss. Today I mentioned this to my doc and he said at the lower doses that should not happen... My biggest question is about agitation, every night I feel like I am going to crawl out of my skin. Always buy provigil india be safe. Good evening, I was put on Topomax about a month ago to help with migraines, I am now at my dose of 100mg. I started taking it again in Oct 2010 because I just couldn't take the pain anymore. It is YOUR body and YOUR life. I am taking 6novacaine shots in my neck weekly hopefully not forever. I don’t know what to do! No weight loss. Sleep disorders may reduce your ability to react quickly. But I'm hypothyroid and we're having a very hard time getting it under control. I am so depressed but his gain as I had gastric bypass in 2012 and weight gain on provigil lost 143 pounds, and now I’ve only maintained 45 pounds. One 15mg pill per day. I am to increase to two pills a day for a month, then three then four, etc until visiting weight gain on provigil the doctor again in may. Then I decide if I think something is appropriate for me. Have you tried any hair growth shampoos like rogaine or anything? But I feel the Topamax has actually started a small bit on my tremors and want to continue. It typically gets better after I've taken my topomax (I take mine at night) and klonopin. Everyone's body breaks down medicine differently and you can very easily take a medicine that your body can't handle. I also take Wellbutrin and have taken Wellbutrin since I quit smoking in 2006. I also take an anti-depressent. But its not cool at all!! Plus, I do not drink any carbonated beverages (ever). Topamax is meant to be taken at small dosages and worked up, but you must follow how your doctor prescribes it. Been on Topamax for only two evenings. I started by taking 25mg in the AM and 25mg in the PM then was bumped up to 50mg in the AM and 50mg in the PM. Anyone tried any other prescriptions that worked for them? There is a pill for everything! It worked so great for my migraines! I would go back to the doc, who can live like that. How fast did you all see the weight start to drop?? Tomorrow I'll start at a lower dose. I have had every blood test under the sun done and everything is either normal or negative. Though modafinil helps keep you awake, you wellbutrin provigil still may weight gain on provigil not be able to safely do things that require quick reactions (such as driving). Everyone is different, and everyone has a different immune system. It is illegal and you can serve some serious prison time for taking medicine that was not prescribed to you. Do not drive, use machinery, or do any activity that requires alertness until you are sure you can perform such activities safely. Try not to have any other meds or ssri antidepressants , we all know gain weight is a huge issue with these. Please if anyone has some insight regarding brand vs generic with hair loss, I would love to hear about it! I quit taking the Topiramate (generic for Topamax) in Sept 2010 only to is provigil a maoi wake up to an excruciating migraine almost every single day. I haven't noticed it yet, but its only been two days, and I'm only taking 25mg. Im so fed up with it. I NEED the weight loss because I am a model on the side. Then my world came to a stand-still when my hair started to fall out in provigil iv clumps. I haven't noticed a difference in anything yet. I would like to benefit from the weight loss of Topamax as I have been recently started Lexapro a month ago (in addition to my Wellbutrin) and I've already gained weight. Still hopeful the topomax will help with this. I am taking Topamax weight gain on provigil for severe Tremors as well as Zoloft, Clonazapan & Lortab. I'm going to talk to my Dr. At least if I do all of the research first, I know what I am weight gain on provigil in for. It isn't helping prevent the migraines at all for me. Doctors do a lot of guessing when they prescribe. I'm just going to make sure that I'm hitting the books hard and testing myself well with study groups. I have long, thick, naturally curly strawberry-blond hair so this was absolutely devastating to me! I’m partially paralyzed and have extensive issues with my spine. This drug may also make you dizzy. Does anyone else deal with this? My biggest question is about agitation, every night I feel like I am going to crawl out of my skin. I am on 25mg Topamax for extreme migraines and will be on 50mg after 7 days, then after a month or two up to 75mg then eventually 100mg. But I can't go back to having the terrible migraines even though I still have some form of a headache everyday. I noticed it has been a little more difficult to spell when taking notes over the past two days, or maybe its a coincidence. Along with maxalt. Yey! I did experience the tingling in my hands, feet, and suboxone and provigil together face but that subsided within a few weeks. But can not handle the unbearable runs> Please tell me this will go away:-) I self prescribe almost everything I take. I've been dealing with the tingly fingers and feet which is slowly getting better, sadly not the weight loss I'm reading about here. No one can find anything wrong with me. In the six months I’ve been on Lyrica, I have gained 65 pounds. Still hopeful the topomax will help with this. Keep your eye open about the drug qnexa, combo of phentermine and topamax, hopefully july 17 it will be fda approved for weight loss for bi of 30 or more or other weight causing problems too, You need a prescription for topamax but it is also given for mood disorders which most of us have when we are overweight. I didnt think about it but I popped the 150mg that I was normally on and felt like C-R-A-P! I did have a little bit of slow thinking but not too noticeable. How long did it take before people noticed a reduced appetite? Plus, I am a full-time college student, full-time employee and full-time mother - so I'm pretty much always exhausted. I haven't noticed any difference in smells or the taste of foods so far with Topamax like many have, but maybe its too early buy provigil using paypal in the process. Be smart. But I'm hypothyroid and we're having a very hard time getting it under control. It is HORRIBLE, and I don't know what it's from. BE CAREFUL, this drug is meant to be taken under a doctor's care, it is not approved for long term use for weight loss and can cause permanent damage to your body. But then the hair loss really got to me so I quit for good in Nov 2010. My first dose will be tonight. get online prescription for provigil Hello, I took myself off of this drug due to the "dopamax" side effects. I'm really tired now but I am still taking antibotics from having a sinus infection, so that may have something to do with it. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Should i do that or just take what the dr prescribed? Isn't that what everyone wants? Wellbutrin helped keep me from gaining weight during my battle with quitting smoking, which is amazing and made cigarettes taste horrible. Does it get better? Then i come here and see everyone talking about slowly working up to it, also the topamax websight said the same thing. Thanks in advance for the response! The side effects were minimal but the shakiness was by far the most annoying and continues to be. It is HORRIBLE, and I don't know what it's from. Today I decided to go back on. Today is March 8, 2011 and I have recently cut my hair to my shoulders (it looks much better that way), it isn't falling out anymore and isn't frizzy and I do believe that it is finally growing back. It typically weight gain on provigil gets better after I've taken my topomax (I take mine at night) and klonopin. It would be nice to loose about 20lbs, to get me in the "safe" category for my size, age, and frame. Good evening, I was put on Topomax about a month ago to help with migraines, I am now at my dose of 100mg. I have been taking 400 mgs of Topamax for 3 years and I have noticed my hair thinning a lot. I have seen my Internist, Neurologist, Gynecologist and Dermatologist for this problem. I research a LOT. Hello, I’ve been on 300mg, 3 times a day for the past six months. My doctor will usually give me anything I ask for anyway, an sometimes it is just easier than making an appointment. About stopping the Lexapro and just staying on the Topamax once I get to a high enough dose. I have found that doctors will prescribe, prescribe, prescribe...

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