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I went from 135 to 169 pretty quick... Post-polio syndrome (PPS) is a group of signs and symptoms that show up two to four decades after the initial polio infection. Adderall is habit forming and chronic use may lead to dependence. I think i'm liking this wellbutrin. Hi all... BTW- similar meds to provigil I am taking it to help cope with anxiety.... Like someone mentioned in an earlier post, I think this drug was designed to target weight loss because weight issues tend to be a factor with some people dealing with depression. The only problem for me is that it wears off after some time if I use it too much. Mothers taking Adderall should refrain from nursing because amphetamines are provigil loss of appetite excreted in human milk and can have undesirable effects on the child. There are many complications related to obstructive sleep apnea. Powerful nootropics and smart drugs often have side effects. Will update more. :-) as for other side effects, i do feel a little jittery sometimes but also have more energy and just provigil loss of appetite plain feel better. I just started my second month yesterday (Sunday), weighed myself this morning, and have already lost 13 lbs. ~T Drug interactions occur frequently. As for the difference between the generic & the real thing - I don't know because I haven't tried the real thing. Central sleep apnea is caused by a failure of the brain to activate the muscles of breathing during sleep. One woman said she was doing well with her first 150 mg's of wellbutrin in the morning, the other one 6 hours later in early afternoon and provigil loss of appetite then the paxil in the evening, since it will help with sleeping. Get this--i ate tons of fattening food over christmas and didn't gain a pound. I have had to use that less and less as the wellbutrin has provigil loss of appetite settled in more. I am also taking Wellbutrin - but am taking the generic brand. The side effects of modafinil are often related to appetite. Adderall may interact with heart or blood pressure medications, diuretics (water pills), cold or allergy medicines ( antihistamines), acetazolamide, chlorpromazine, ethosuximide, haloperidol, lithium, meperidine, methenamine, phenytoin , phenobarbital, reserpine, ammonium chloride, ascorbic acid ( vitamin C), potassium phosphate, antacids, sodium bicarbonate (Alka-Seltzer), potassium citrate, sodium citrate and citric acid, sodium citrate and potassium, stomach acid reducers, or antidepressants. I just started Wellbutrin XL 300 mg 3 days ago. One of the favorite uses for modafinil is attention, alertness, and concentration. The quantity of research literature shows that modafinil fake provigil has a positive impact on all of these factors. Because I take it relatively infrequently and after a full provigil loss of appetite night of sleep, the drug has a very positive classification of provigil effect on my working capabilities (rather than trying to use modafinil to cover up a lack of sleep). The three types of sleep apnea are central apnea, obstructive apnea (OSA), and a mixture of central and obstructive apnea. I started Wellbutrin XL today (generic form) 150 mg for an eating disorder with binging and purging. I think this is related to the tolerance issue that you mention in the article. Get facts about the types of drug interactions, what substances or other things that may interact with drugs such as OTC drug and prescription drugs, vitamins, food(s) (grapefruit), and laboratory tests. Instead i lost! In addition, does the generic version of the XL still have the same weight loss as the regular version? Sleep apnea is defined as a reduction or cessation of breathing during sleep. OSA is diagnosed and evaluated through patient history, physical examination and polysomnography. Gained all the weight back plus some! Hello everyone! LOL I'll speak to my doctor about it. Just a week later, and I've lost another 3lbs. Treatments are surgical and non-surgical. While this might be considered a positive benefit of modafinil to some, it is a side effect of the drug nonetheless. I am wondering too if the generic brand isn't as effective. I didn't pay it any attention because I didn't think I would be one of those people. I actually stopped today and went for a walk on the beach! The side effects that I notice are: weight loss, decrease in appetite, slight headaches, dry mouth, and increased snapping & annoyance! So i went with that plan except that i am adding ambien cr to ensure that i get enough sleep. He put me on 300 mg's of wellbutrin and told me i could start taking it while slowly reducing the paxil. Treatment focuses on slowing down to conserve energy and relieving symptoms with pain relievers. LOL When I started the pills, my doctor told me there was a chance I would lose some weight provigil loss of appetite as it has been a side effect for other people. Well, i wish i didn't have to be on anything, but if i'm going to be on anti-depressants i'll take bula do remedio provigil weight loss over weight gain--THAT's for sure. Sometimes they are a result of an increased heart rate and blood pressure, which is another side effect of modafinil. I started having alot of memory loss, couldn't finish sentences etc... Tell your doctor all medications and supplements you use. I guess that is something that someone will have to try on their own and see how it effects them. So far after 3 doses, I feel a little nervous, loss for words a lot, spacey, little bit of dry mouth, somewhat of a loss of appetite. I do realize that I have been snapping a lot more lately, but I just attributed that to my demeanor! Other modafinil side effects include headaches, dizziness, and irritability, which chewing provigil are rare and can depend on many factors. I did some online research (like i did just now and found this thread) and learned that wellbutrin and paxil are often prescribed together--one to balance the other. It's actually the generic form "Bupropion HCL CL". Adderall I found this through bulletproof exec and have loved it ever since then. While all of these are similar in their mechanisms as “wakefulness”, they are slightly different from a scientific perspective. Me doc prescribed klonopin for anxiety should i get too stressed and need provigil loss of appetite to calm down. I know these meds can take a few weeks to become effective, but after a couple of weeks of not feeling anything except a *complete* loss of sexual appetite and function I went back to my doc and asked if there was anything else i could take that a t least wouldn't have such a drastic effect on that. A week ago I never could have done that! Hopefully i'll lose a few more pounds and be right where i want to be. I didn't even know I lost any weight (because I can't tell at all) until I went in for a physical last week and my doctor yelled at me that I had lost 10 lbs since the previous month's visit. Is there any way that I can avoid this by taking something else? I have the binging and purging under control so the psychiatrist stated that the Wellbutrin XL was safe but I am still nervous - has anyone else been in the same situation? Many people experience a lower appetite when they take modafinil, which translates to weight loss in some. I just started back on the wellbutrin 4 days ago and im already down 4 lbs.... Rarely, people experience nausea, dry mouth, and abdominal pain. Usually, I use modafinil only once per 5 – 7 days because doing so any more often than that can cause tolerance issues. Im feeling great more energetic, i actually want to get out of bed and do stuff now... The usual dose of Adderall is 2. So far so good, and i have lost 4 pounds so far (2 weeks). There are many modafinil suppliers that pop up every month, but modafinil reviews can help you to determine what is legitimate and what is not. Cheers! By the way, I am on the low dosage of 150mg. Modafinil vs. 5-60 mg daily administered in one or three doses. Like someone else mentioned, I am working on changing my lifestyle as far as eating goes to aid me in continuing to lose weight. I'm taking Wellbutrin for depression and I am loving the weight loss side effect as I think my weight issues are a HUGE factor in my depression. I fell into a deep depression hole in early December '07 and my doc prescribed 25 mg's of paxil... Any suggestions are greatly appreciated If you are going to buy modafinil online from another retailer, make sure you find modafinil reviews in one of the community portals (such as Reddit or Longecity). Anyhow the dr took me off wellbutrin after being on it a year and put me on lexapro... I didn't know it was the wellbutrin I had started a new very physical job and i thought thats what was doing it... Find out how to protect yourself from potential drug interactions. Adderall should not be used in pregnancy. Symptoms of PPS include fatigue, pain, sleep disorders, muscle twitching, gastrointestinal problems, and weakness. I am trying to be careful about the weight loss since I am already on Topamax and Prozac for the eating disorder. And that's my story. OSA is caused by the collapse of the airway during sleep. I was on wellbutrin (generic form) 2 years ago and i dropped weight fairly quick.. My appetite has been lacking, but I am not complaining about it.

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