Provigil and hepatitis c

Poor thing! As far as I know I was the first member to win a SS disability case after "curing" based on the HepC medication poisoning my system! Show Well first off getting some repairative sleep is very important and second it may take some time for your body to adjust to melatonin and the groggy feeling may wear off... We all seem to be in the same boat here,our lives trapped in a horrible foggy painful tiring limbo. Again, you have Hepatitis C that wasn't cured some 9 years ago. Perhaps not good for a person with Hep C. What a mess we all are ---- provigil and hepatitis c and all we want to be is normal Have you tried the 5 HTP ? WoW I usually lay down until the urge to jog goes away I do grind my own coffee ----- it just does nothing anymore as far as that kick in the pants to get going in the morning. I also make sure that I have copies of every blood test, biopsy, etc. Wanted to clean out my body and see where i was.. It sounds like it was studied for being on the IFN to minimize associated depression Whats funny is I had no depression while on TX. In my opinion…. Mine have been thinning and chipping but I am post menopausal and tx affects your bone density-have you had a bone density scan? I let the doc convince me it would help and none did. I loved to play music, to program, to cook.... I do not have a seratonin problem. Some kind person on MedHelp turned me on to it. Glad you're able to manage some exercise,that's the thing I miss the most,I even walked 3 miles nearly provigil and hepatitis c every day through the madness that is treatment-I often wonder if I did too much? I had a positive outlook and toughed it out when I should have called it quit, and the long term of the TX is what thru my system out of whack I think that is why the anti-depressants made me want to kill myself I totally understand. Your last Hepatitis C treatment was 9 years ago and you believe it was the interferon that has caused provigil and hepatitis c you problems for all these years. I advocate for myself. At least provigil and hepatitis c we understand one another's predicament, Check out LDN (low dose naltrexone) therapy. I have done that 3 times since November with the same results on feeling normal --- provigil chemical name I used it when there were things I wanted to get done like painting a room, which on a normal day I might get 90 minutes of work done before I would feel like I was going to pass out (Tried to explain this to a doctor that suggested I go to a gym on how that was not going to happen) Feeling like I have the flu (minus cough and sneezing) every day is really old when all I want to do is have the energy to do normal things, go to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Before you decide to treat again, check out AALSD Liver Meeting abstracts on Hep C from 2012 and 2013 meetings. Cymbalta lyrica.. One antidepressant i tried, i gave it a good month, and i just was numb and crying the whole time! I live a lonely life without friends without energy without words without love without future without hope .... Some days I think I'm gonna POP! I hope the new treatment makes you SVR AND clears up some of your problems Cooking ----- no desire to put whats required to make a wonderful meal --- eating have to do it and make it as healthy as possible The cytokine storm is stuff released into brain ---- My CFS specialist recommended I get Omega 3 from Chia ----- If it doesn't help I am gonna make a pet with the leftovers .. But you do need to seriously start looking at treatment options and a plan to cure yourself of hepatitis C. Research presented at 2012 meeting suggests that treating and failing makes you about six times as likely to develop cirrhosis as one who never treated. A couple great blocks with big dreams to follow! Rheumatologists often give you drugs that suppress your immune system. I burn food as i forget i put it on the stove. This could and might be the root of your fatigue. Your liver level can be in normal range and you can have advanced liver damage. I had an opportunity to go to Cancun (My sisters business was paying for entire trip) I turned down the offer because I knew I wouldn't enjoy it like I would have if I were my old self. For the first few years I couldn't stay awake for more than 2 hours,now it swings from one to the other but it can be months without sleep-like now. Perhaps it does. E. In my immune system (as Pooh suggested) or in my brain or a combination of the 2 I just am trying to find a correlation as to why I felt norm, on something I shouldn't be using and why it made me feel that way. Same as me My life should be so great at this point without any reason to be depressed But --- When you wake up every morning feeling like you haven't slept (we won't even bring in the joint pains because if I felt like I slept I could ignore them) and realize that this is as good as the day is going to get is a MAJOR reason for depression provigil and hepatitis c I have nothing I look forward to, getting thru the day is my daily struggle. Ok i am going to put on some loud rock music and see if i can get my butt out of the house as we have no groceries. Are many but I really believed the treatment caused my current health problems and fought for a proper diagnosis. Some people often suggest that Hep C causes auto-immune disorders. That interferon induced dementia case could have been written about me-adding pain and fatigue into the mix-my vocabulary executive function attention and memory have all been affected. Best of luck with the dentist-know what you mean! I am going to keep asking for either adderall, ritiin or pro vigil. Good luck and yeah red bull does nothing for me.. It has taken time and co-operative doctors and some luck and being positive and I wish those who suffer the same relief. There are no specialists,it took five years to get my diagnosis. I used to love life-now it's a chore-I wish there was some hope-maybe that's when the depression set in,when I realised this IS IT. I still do not live.. Show I have seen military doctors at Walter Reed in Md to private doctors in several different states I have lived in since being medically retired I have had every test imaginable ---- I have provigil treatment for depression blood tests of all sorts all the time Even my liver levels are in normal range (even though I still have a viral load) They keep saying they can't do anything until they cure the Hep C to eliminate that My ammonia levels fluctuate (depending on diet and activity) One doc was shocked at how high it was ---- 6 months later another wasn't worried about it I guess that's why doctors have "practices" because they don't have to provigil and hepatitis c be right because they are just practicing The combo therapy did something to my system and it never reverted back to what it used to be. I get the strong beans.. I tired yogurt protien shakes, fruit and juices.. When you try these things - even LDN or some other meds one does have to take into account the possible side effects over - provigil and hepatitis c what I know I would describe for myself as an unbearable quality of life. With the brain fog I had my list written down! But you do have chronic fatigue! Like in provigil and obstructive sleep apnea running shoes and you plan on running ? And yeah, all those antidepressants just make fatigue worse.. It is really crazy to read what you are going thru as it was the same for me! I am happy to be on the vyvanse, the sleep aid, the pain meds, the anti-anxiety etc. It's been helpful. Rick, You have Hepatitis C. For me at least that is how i felt. That is all gone now. Which is why I am probably why I am in the condition I am in. I can't even pick the thing up never mind get out on a public highway! Otter watcher has a good idea - watch gluten and eat an anti-inflammatory diet. I am concerned because of the fatigue i do not pay attention and have had close calls while driving. I am so glad those days have disappeared and hopefully you will find some answers too! Cutting edge, real life, clinical research that is worth reading. My focus is shot. I made sure every complaint was in my record and by the time my SS disability case came up my medical records had to be wheeled in! Street drugs will be hard on your liver.. Best to you .. Lol. My shoulder hurts! " Never just say fine! I don't even contemplate tomorrow. Btw, it reached 50F but the wind chill made it feel like 30F I was happy to be outside and the NB Minimus trail runners (that is what the streets are like around here UGH) felt amazing. Minimus! Show Same situation here, I am bedridden, tied to the bed, trying to make it through the day. Being retired I can go to Charleston and grab a military flight anywhere in the world if I wanted to (This was supposed to be part of my life since I loved traveling) Now a 2 hour drive down there is awful. I feel terrible. Laid down for 30 minutes and it cleared up. My life is my the size of is provigil the same as modafinil my sofa, I dread going to bed-I have no problem getting to sleep but cannot stay asleep for more than 2 hours. I was diagnosed with post viral fatigue syndrome first and the similarities to M. It is the dopamine that needs a boost with fatigue. I started with the receptionist. Everything seems so senseless, I was a happy guy that everyone looked at when I entered a room... And ya gotta dream big Rick! I drink an entire pot. I try to know my case as best I can. Sorry to hear the bad news about your tooth,most depressing. I went off of it because they had me on so many meds at that time i didn't know what was going on.. It sounds like doctors have suggested it maybe your problem by saying the Hepatitis C needs to be taken care of first. The ritilin took for a year was provigil safe while breastfeeding a very low dose . As you already understand your condition was caused by some very serious poisons and you are attempting to adjust it using a much more gentle supplement. I think you can get pro vigil from india on the internet but was afraid to order it and it was expensive. I know it must be very frustrating to deal with all the extra manifestations of Hepatitis C. Tell them how you are! It took a couple of hours to get thru a small plate of carefully arranged nutrient and delicious items. Xxx I know someone who took pro vigil and he said it was good. Etc... Mine showed some thinning post tx. And then when i switched doc's he is hesitant to start a stimulant. When such disorders hit you close on the tail of treatment, reason suggests it's the drugs. Sadly I have made my home my refuge and its a lonely existence and because I have lost hope on ever getting better or well enough to lead a semi normal life --- I am depressed alas I don't know but I'll try to find out. I do drink a lot of fresh ground coffee. I had great advice from my SS disability advisor. Minimus! I managed 18 years with no ill effects-wish I'd held on for new drugs... Normal feeling. I just exist.. No exaggeration! I am such a huge fan of NB Minimus! Instead of snorting the coffee, I may need to get how do you get prescribed provigil a IV drip from a huge thermos to go to KCHS (ICAO code for Charleston ----- old habit of mine from flying) Concentration while driving and loss of it does get a bit scarey at times ---- when I drove to Daytona (8 hours and please don't ask how I did it) ---- my vision was blurry from being so tired. There's so many advancement and many more in the near future. I might be able to try out my new pair of New Balance Minimus! Are you able to cycle far? Also remember I have been on a program for my symptoms years before PIS was ever defined! I have so many notebooks and doctors take special notice that I AM SERIOUS! provigil and hepatitis c What's the latest treatment regime they have lined up for you then? Have you tried looking at non-interferon clinic trials or even the current treatments with interferon that have a very high success rate? Minimus! But that only gets me dressed. Hindsight huh? He told me, when asked at my docs office "How are you today? I just loved to cook and eat then when I had my really bad period I too had zero appetite. This went on for years and years - week after week, month after month. I treated because I was in a good place health wise and financially able to cope with taking a year off work-how much has changed! provigil and hepatitis c

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