Biomolecular Research

CBMR’s biomolecular research is focused on bio-medically relevant molecules, their structure & function & therapeutic delivery. The main objective is to extend CBMR’s toolbox to address thestructure/function of newly identified molecules linked to neurodegenerative disorders & aging, cardiovascular & infectious disease and in the cell toxic effects in cancer therapy. A new facility to purify/analyze proteins, small molecules and target molecules is under development. The platform will consist of preparative/analytic chromatography, analytic electrophoresis & biophysical techniques with media throughput capabilities, including pre-existing fluorescence & circular dichroism instruments and the new bio-layer interferometry to measure binding. The platform is a key step in developing strategies for in-vitro study of new target molecules. A new device for cell delivery of dry powders is also under development and a Crisp/Cas high-throughput screening to identify molecules involved in cell-uptake of neurotoxic proteins, cell-cell spreading of protein misfolding and clearance of oxidative stress is planned.


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