Open Days

Every year, CBMR opens its doors during a whole day to 1st and 2nd cycle students from Faro. This initiative aims to foster the curiosity of younger generations and future scientists, as well as to promote the activities of CBME.

If you are interested in promote some activities with us please contact: cbmrcommunication@ualg.pt.


European Researchers Night

CBMR has participated regularly in the European Researchers Night, together with other research centers from the University of Algarve and the Ciência Viva Centers in Algarve (Faro, Lagos and Tavira).

Brain Awareness Week

The Brain Awareness Week is an international initiative of the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, sponsored in Portugal by Ciência Viva and the Portuguese Neuroscience Society. Researchers from CBMR participate in the Brain Awareness Week since 2012 with Open Laboratories activities dedicated mainly to schools of the Algarve region.



Conversas com Ciência

The cycle “Conversas com Ciência” is developed at FNAC Faro and aims to promote a set of talks in collaboration with CCMAR – Centre of Marine Sciences. The main goals of the event are: to break the barriers between science and citizens, demystifying the image of the distant and inaccessible scientist; to stimulate the participation of the general public with activities of research and transmission of scientific knowledge; to raise public awareness about how science influences our way of life; to bring scientists and researchers closer to the non-scientific public; to raise awareness about the importance of science, research and innovation; to recognize the impact of science and research on society; to deconstruct stereotypes associated with science and research.

I Want more and better cells

THE CBMR researcher Inês Araújo participated in the project “I want more and better cells”, coordinated by the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (Coimbra) and funded by COMPETE. Follow the links below (in Portuguese) for Inês chronicle on neural stem cells, and for the comic book on “A Stem Cell Adventure”.

Biological Models applied to musical composition

The musical cycle “Synthesis” from composer Jaime Reis is inspired by the protein synthesis process, namely by the complementarity DNA – RNA – Protein. Like the information contained in DNA, the musical structures of these pieces (e.g. rhythm, timber) evolve throughout the composition mimicking the complementary process of protein synthesis. Within a DGArtes grant led by composer Jaime Reis, musician Johann Velislav Pereira and CBMR researcher Rui Borges, two compositions from the “Synthesis” cycle were presented and performed at Grande Auditório on November 18, 2011: “Calmodulin Synthesis” and “Lysozyme Synthesis”, the latter an international debut, with the pianist Ana Telles, the maestro Pedro Pinto Figueiredo and the soloists of the Lisbon Ensemble 20/21 – Marco Fernandes, Pedro Martins, Luís Cascão, Fábio Dias, and Miguel Filipe.