Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group

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The Cognitive Neuroscience (CNS) Research Group is an internationally renowned unit with its research focus on questions related to the functional organization of the human brain, cognition, and behaviour. The CNS group addresses scientific issues related to language processing, reading & writing, developmental dyslexia, object recognition and naming as well as implicit learning. Currently, most group members are senior researchers who integrate cross-disciplinary expertise in neuroscience, cognitive & computational neuroscience, functional neuroimaging, cognitive and experimental psychology.

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Group Members:

Karl Magnus Petersson (Coordinator, Principal Investigator)

Alexandra Isabel Dias Reis

Luís Miguel Faísca

Susana Silva

Susana Araujo

Inês Bramão

Ana Teresa Martins

Andreia Pacheco

Dina Silva

Filomena Café Inácio (Phd Student)

Catarina Fernandes (PhD Student)

Inês Salomé Morais (Research Assistant)

CNR Objectives ___________________________________________

The CNS group has set-up and manages state-of-the-art laboratories for electrophysiological EEG/ERP research, behavioural and eye-tracking research (including a stationary high-resolution platform and a mobile platform), as well as data-analysis and computing facilities. Currently, on-going scientific projects relate to the neural basis of mental processes and their behavioural manifestations, using state-of-the-art methods from experimental cognitive psychology, eye-tracking, and functional neuroimaging (EEG/MRI/TMS). The CNS group has also initiated some work combining methods from behavioural genetics and functional neuroimaging.