Researchers from CBMR develop a new approach to cancer treatment

Patrícia Silva, PhD student at UAlg, in the Cell Cycle and Cancer Biology Group, published, together with Claudia Florindo and Álvaro Tavares, a paper in Cancer Letters describing a new and possibly effective approach to therapeutic intervention in cancer. This work, coordinated by Hassam Bousbaa of CESPU, had the collaboration of a research group at IPATIMUP/i3S, led by Helena Vasconcelos.

In this study the researchers showed that by silencing the Spindly protein one can potentiate the efficacy of paclitaxel, one of the drugs most used in the treatment of cancer, in the death of cancer cells in culture. If combined, Spindly inhibition and the use of reduced doses of paclitaxel may be a positive advance in the treatment of cancer.

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