Ramiro Magno represent CBMR at the 11th Meeting of the Spanish Society for Developmental Biology

Ramiro Magno, CBMR researcher, will be participating in the 11th Meeting of the Spanish Society for Developmental Biology, in Girona, from 19th to 22th october, with the poster “STAGER, staging tool for the analysis of expression results”.

The meeting aims to be an excellent opportunity to discover the latest experimental approaches and future directions in Developmental and Cell Biology as well as to discuss new data and ideas. The program includes world leaders in different fields and a prominent place is also reserved for posters and oral contributions that will be selected from the abstracts for all sessions. The 3-day meeting will include three Pre-meeting workshops on: Genome editing, Single cell Omics and Cell dynamics, and over 10 sessions, with broad discussion on the following topics:

  • Modelling Cell Behaviour and morphogenesis
  • Evo-Devo & Genomics
  • Biological Oscillators
  • Signalling in Development & disease
  • Cell Biology
  • Neural Development
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