Medical students from UAlg win biggest international medical simulation competition

Team led by Alexandra Binnie wins prize and beats, in the final, countries like Spain, Holland, Turkey and United Kingdom.

Guilherme Henriques, AndrĂ© Silva, Carlos Batista, Tiago Cardoso and Francisco Fernandes, students of the Integrated Master in Medicine, University of Algarve, are the winners of the largest international medical simulation competition – SESAM 2018.

The competition, which took place in Bilbao and was attended by teams from all over the world, is considered one of the biggest events in the world, testing the performance of hundreds of medical students in the area of medical emergency.

In the final, with the presence of countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Turkey, the Portuguese students, from the Algarve academy, offered to Europe and to the world a little of the competence and talent learned, taught and cultivated in Portuguese lands.

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