CBMR researchers develop computer tool to facilitate data analysis in Stem Cells related research

A group of researchers from CBMR developed a computer tool that allows access and analysis of transcriptomic datasets. Assuming that transcriptomic data have become a fundamental resource for stem cell biologists as well as for a wider research audience studying stem cell related processes such as aging, embryo development and prevalent diseases including cancer, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases, one of the problems  is the access and the delay in the analysis of the information.

Creating StemMapper, a gene expression database, the group of researchers, led by Matthias Futschik, aims to simplify the task of thousands of scientists who collect and analyze this type of data.

This computer tool allows each integrated dataset to be individually inspected and manually curated enabling fast querying, comparison and interactive visualization by the user.  

A proof-of-principle analysis discovering novel putative astrocyte/neural Stem Cells lineage markers exemplifies the utility of this integrated data resource.

We believe that StemMapper, a free resource, available at, can open the way for new insights and advances in Stem Cells research.

The article presenting the tool is already accepted and would be published soon by Nucleid Acids Research (NAR) – Oxford University Press.

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