Ana Teresa Maia investigate genetic alteration “made in Portugal”

Ana Teresa Maia, CBMR researcher, is participating in a pioneering study about a genetic alteration that seems to be born in Portugal, approximately two thousand years ago. This genetic alteration, responsible for the increased risk of hereditary cancer (especially breast cancer), is a mutation that researchers believe that could have been carried (by sailors, traders and emigrants) from Portugal to other parts of the world.

Note that, as Ana Teresa Maia states: “this mutation of the genes have been already identified in French and Australian families with Portuguese ancestors”.

So, the main goal of researchers seems to be understand how malignant is that mutation and how was developed in Portugal. In order to achieve that, researchers and doctors will work together, with the help of two associations – the Portuguese Association for Cancer Research and the Portuguese Association to support people with alterations in genes related to hereditary cancer.

The project, that ensures to bring unreleased revelations to the cancer field, have a solid foundation on CBMR research and specially on the research of Ana Teresa Maia on gene expression.

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