Hands ON Microscopy Workshop

CBMR Microscopy Unit in collaboration with CCMAR and Izasa Scientific kindly invites you to the next hands on Workshop & demonstrations events.

ON 15Th and 16TH of November

You can bring your own samples
1-    Hands on – Nikon-Vico2

ViCo.2 adopts a novel imaging method to obtain optical sections of microscopic specimens.

Using a conventional fluorescence microscope, structured illumination via an V, W scanning mechanism and processing procedures, equivalent or better results are achieved compared to
those of current, laser based confocal microscopes. Smooth transition between conventional, confocal imaging capabilities permits to optimize resolution versus speed and specimen photo-invasivity.

Spectral and contrast flexibilities are guaranteed by automated multi-band and multi-mode acquisition capabilities. (Up to 6 channels – 2D, 3D, Z and T stack). The system is assemble on a motorized Nikon inverted microscope Ti-E.

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2-    Hands on  – Andor dsd-2

The Andor Revolution DSD2 is a simple confocal device delivering extra-ordinary imaging performance. Its simplicity lies in a compact patented optical design and laser-free operation, which provide ease of retrofit, flexible fluorophore selection, low maintenance and inherent safety for users. Combining structured illumination and spinning disk technologies with high sensitivity high dynamic range Andor sCMOS cameras, the Revolution DSD2 produces image quality that typically exceeds confocal images captured with laser point scanning systems.

The DSD2 captures images at high frame rates increasing productivity when imaging both fixed and live samples. With three confocal sectioning options, the DSD2 allows the user to trade optical sectioning with signal level and handles a broad magnification range, and sample types from single cell to very thick specimens such as Drosophila embryos and Zebrafish.

The DSD2 can even be used with Macroscopes for larger specimens. This new design can image conventional transmitted light contrast techniques (e.g. phase contrast and DIC) to be combined with the confocal image. The system is assemble on a Nikon stereomicroscopeSMZ25.

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Please register on The doodle
(We have limited spots)

You are most welcome to came and join us.
We would like you to bring your own samples.

Please came and enjoy this microscopes and learn how can they help you to solve your scientific questions.
The demos will be on:
Universidade do Algarve – Campus de Gambelas, Ed7 sala 3.37

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