The Stem Cells Laboratory



Building 8, Laboratory 1.12

Department of Biomedical Sciences and Medicine.

University of Algarve

Phone: +351 289 244 483

Team Members

José Bragança (Principal Investigator)

Gisela Machado-Oliveira (Post doctoral Researcher)

João Santos (PhD Student)

About the SCL

The Stem Cells Laboratory (SCL) investigates the genetic regulatory networks that are involved in the maintenance of pluripotency using mouse and human embryonic stem cells (ESC) models. In particular, the SCL is actively researching cell fate decisions, with particular emphasis directed towards cardiac progenitors and cardiac cell lineage commitment. The SCL is focused on developing a detailed understanding of the molecular processes that ultimately control the transcription of the core regulators of ESC pluripotency and self-renewal, including the molecular mechanism(s) that directs the transcriptional switch between pluripotent cells, early cardiac progenitor cells and fully cardiac committed cells.

Publications (2008-2016)

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Portuguese Peer reviewed publications:

Bragança J, Tavares A and Belo JA – “Células estaminais e medicina regenerativa – um admirável mundo novo” – Canal BQ, 7, 4-17 (2010)

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Book Chapters:

Bragança J*, Machado-Oliveira G, Pacheco-Leyva I, Matias AC – “Understanding cancer stem cells biology to get rid of tumours” – International Manual of Oncology Practice. (iMOP) – Principles of Medical Oncology. de Mello RA, Tavares Á, Mountzios G (Eds.). Springer International Publishing. 2015. eBook ISBN: 978-3-319-21683-6. Hardcover ISBN 978-3-319-21682-9

Facucho-Oliveira JM, Kulkarni T, Machado-Oliveira G and St John JC – “From pluripotency to differentiation: the role of mtDNA in stem cell models of mitochondrial diseases”, in Mitochondrial DNA, Mitochondria, Disease and Stem Cells, eds Justin Charles St John, Humana Press, United States (2013), pp 87-118.

Representative Images

974dff_2531543ab64c47739d74da001feada62-mv2_d_2080_1540_s_2 (1)

Project Grants

2016-2018 FCT – PTDC/BIM-MEC/4762/2014 – “Modelos celulares para o estudo de mecanismos de disfunção e correção lisossomal” (“Cellular models for the study of lysosomal dysfunction and correction mechanisms” – CeMoLy) – Coordenador principal: Dra Olga Amaral (INSA, Porto).

2012-2015 FCT – PTDC/BIA-GEN/116519/2010 – “Alternative splicing and its impact on molecular interaction networks” – Coordenador principal: Dr Matthias Futschik (CBMR/CCMAR, UAlg)

PTDC/SAU-ENB/111702/2009 (2011-2013) – miPS and hiPS: reprogramming mouse and human adult cells. Coordinator.

PTDC/SAU-SAP/111908/2009 – BIOMINEN (BIOMarkers in materno-Infant health related to ENvironmental factors). Collaborator.

Foundation Merck Sharp and Dhome – Portugal (October 2010 – June 2011) – miPS: reprogramming mouse adult cells. Coordinator.

2009 – Bolsas Cientificas de Instalação – Professor Doutor António Xavier 2009, Câmara Municipal de Oeiras.


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