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There is a history in the family of ADHD, and our 2 sons have ADD the youngest takes Equasym XL but not sure if that is helping him provigil sklep at school. God bless. Dave: Congratulations on your 22nd year of clean & sober. Decided stick with taking the Vyvanse as I read that it could take a week for it to be fully effective. Here’s the deal, it’s past 5am and I can’t sleep!!! I’ve been on it for 4 months, and I’m stopping today. It’s just a backwards system all the way around and if course the pharmacy people always get the blame because it’s our fault!!! ” So to anyone who is reading this…why not spend some time reading the advisory warnings before popping a new drug into your system. Also when she drinks alcohol she becomes very moody. My son has been fightin this his whole life . Anxiety, suicidal thoughts, mood swings – yes…but NEVER EVER any heart health question. Is there any advice or anything encouraging you can give me? I mean, come on, how many Psych DR. If you are taking quanto costa provigil this, please get off of it. I also worked for a corporate pharmacy for 10 years and I know is vyvanse better than provigil exactly what you’re saying. My best friend lost his son when he didn’t know his son was treating his ADD issue by drowning it in alcohol. Go make something of yourself. Or said that around night it cannot function properly? That’s my 2 cents. If it gives them an unfair advantage in the workplace, that could put pressure on others to take drugs themselves just to keep up. I’ve lost friends, my personality, interest, and my girlfriend of 2 years. After Straterra, it was Concerta, Focalin, Vyvanse, and now back to Concerta (36 mgx2). Then toward the end of the day I had the worlds WORST headache. This was my first time, I’ve been going from one drug to another to another,nothing so far suits me. At the end of the day can be very silly and rude…and aggressive but no harm. The fact that they can prescribe this is vyvanse better than provigil drug is near satanic. Please help! Good luck to u all an may god help u through this journey he has picked u special ones for i dont know the reason but he has one that is what keeps me goin much luv goin out Day 1: Within 30 minutes of taking Vyvanse I felt somewhat dizzy. Iwas wondering wether Adderrall SR or Vyvanse would be better. I’m throwing these away today. One in the past he did nt do well with time released meds burns them off an then he kinda loses it. He had gotten better but bein without meds for a year has messed him up again pretty bad. His doctor said was the worse case he had seen in years. All the discount coupons etc etc only work if you get paid with rotten peanuts but for the people that make a few dollars over their budget makes too much to qualify but they sure don’t consider the fact we have to pay taxes and for our crappy insurance that does not cover anything and other bills and yet we apparently are just wealthy and rich so we can shuck out $267. Calling someone a bad person because they are curious, and making rather bad choices, is cruel and stupid – and NOT what a doctor should say. 00 a discount for provigil mth for a rx that has no generic yet but bc of a few studies a few people might have lost a few lbs this drug is now for binge eating instead of it’s initial use it was made for and now ins won’t recognize it bc it’s for wt loss not ADHD but they claim it’s to help save $$ for us by covering cheaper comparison provigil nuvigil drugs and cut the costs of healthcare but in reality we are just paying for something we can’t even get a use from!! It turned my life around i was talking to people i had avoided for years and started back doing normal activities instead of cutting myself off from the rest of the world i also was not as angry as before. Studies indicate that as many as one in three students on major college campuses have used ADHD medications illicitly, most commonly as a study aid. I don’t have heart issues, I respond really well to Vyvanse, and it lasts longer than Concerta. A little later my arm seemed tingly and kind of numb in the hand and slight chest pain. Today I’m my own Superman. Have read all the comments with interest…can you lot help me…my wife has been taking dexidrine for about 5 years 3x a day 15mg …it keeps her awake and able to concentrate, but there are a few side affects such as voice changes when she is tired and an odd mouth movement (tic) She has tried Ritalin but that makes her depressed. His grades are low and not very motivated with writing. I have severe headaches and mood swings,i also become very angry easily. ” Some are more likely to become obsessed with something than others; just ask your buddy who is always on the computer or has a tendency to gamble. THANKS TO OBAMA!! Good luck. Used in that way, it’s not much different from Provigil, the alertness drug for which Plotz served as Slate’s guinea pig back in 2002. ) so I took Vyvase 20mg around 11pm, before going to bed. Apparently there are people that ‘need’ vyvanse but those people are typically looking for a shortcut to solving their adhd problems, no matter how unhealthy it is to give amphetamines to 10 year old kids despite the overlooked neurotoxicity of it, why don’t you toss in some oxycontin for social anxiety. Who said this was taken at night because it makes u sleepy? Not just self-amusement. Go do some volunteer work with is vyvanse better than provigil people who really suffer. Only to succumb to liver failure at 40 year old. “I am not exactly wired,” he wrote of the experience, “but I’m more alert, more focused, more Plotz-like. Teachers in pre k flagged him. Is the use of brain drugs by healthy professionals cheating, like the use of performance-enhancing drugs by athletes? This drug is exactly that, a drug. The doctors diagnosed me as bipolor,i’ve been on every med available for bipolar with no positive results. I was prescribed amphetamines and taking over 130mg of adderall a day until I realized i could overcome my is vyvanse better than provigil adhd with much healthier means, but that is the heart of america, gratification now for the expense of tommorow. As useful as they may be during the occasional deadline crunch, no study has linked Ritalin or Adderall use in people without ADHD to sustained increases in things like grades or performance reviews. Last december my doc decided to try me on 20 mg 1 a day generic adderral. I am not amused by your comment. English GPs are more than useless with this condition Please, do not take this. Having said that, I think I better get off this computer….. I started having panic attacks and was very unsociable and kept to myself,all this started about 10 years ago. He has also on one med said he just wanted to die . My doc switched me to vyvanse, i am scared i provigil and opiate withdrawal will fall back in the rut i was in for all those years. I changed back to Concerta when I felt that Vyvanse may be losing its effect after a year of use. And while the drugs can be life-changing for people with ADHD, especially kids who would otherwise be totally lost in the classroom, their long-term benefits for those without the disorder are murky. But unlike steroids, prescription stimulants don’t have clear, drastic long-term health impacts. It’s terrible. No Crank replies please. This one seems good, I feel fine just that I’m done re-reading for my paper about 5 times and sleeping before your paper is imp to me. Perhaps it is really a change of environment that one needs to stimulate ones focus. Vyvanse at 70 mg worked well, however, as I avoided being “overly focused” which caused me to be somewhat irritable and impatient with others. I’d rather have someone toking up or ingesting a prescription pill than driving drunk, personally. My doctor asked me to take it at night (??? I’m a recreational user, though i much prefer psychedelics to amphetamines. You are a jerk. Just a note about drug abuse: many individuals have a proponent towards an “addictive personality. Dad does not beleive he needs meds. At weekends she wants to stay in bed until midday. If you are going to abuse your meds (or someone else’s meds), keep it to yourself. ” But, he added in a cautionary conclusion, “I’d be afraid to make it a habit. It made me awake and I was doing great in school. But in the past decade or so, psychostimulants like Adderall have exploded in popularity among people without a diagnosis or prescription. To start with one a day is all i could handle, it gave me more than enough energy. AMEN!! I have taken Straterra before however, it was discovered that my heart palpitation was somehow related to this drug. Your comment makes me angry because of the effect that you and people like you have on the perception of mental illness and appropriate treatment for mental illness. The same goes with drugs – a little curiousity and a tendency towards overdoing it is how many begin to abuse drugs. The first month, I loved it. My behavior is affecting my whole life. Now in august i am taking 4 a day and i feel almost like i did before i started taking them. Plz keep my son on ur mind an that this med will work for him provigil weaning he has his whole life ahead of him but i have fought for him every day now for eleven years an i will fight for him with my last breath. But nothing, NOTHING, can replace who I am. Go work in a literacy program in an inner city school with kids that need to have this medicine for real reasons . Last resort we did ritalian ,a whole new child like dr jekle mr hyde , he is eleven now an has been without meds for a year. What’s undeniable is that stimulants allow both ADHD and non-ADHD people to stay alert and focused long past the time they’d normally become distracted or fall asleep. I can not say what u guys go trough every day provigil user comments but from a mothers point i pray everyday for every single person with this monster they have to learn to control . Will vyvanse be as good as adderral, and how long should i take it before i notice a change? The insatiable demand has led to shortages at pharmacies across the country. Anyhow. Just because someone uses drugs does not make them a degenerate slob who is uncapable of helping society. I’ve now gone back to independent and it just makes me feel so much better at the end of the day knowing I can actually help someone in need for their expensive meds that are so over priced at retails and not be on a corporate trial the next day for trying to help a customer but in reality it just means you’re taking money out of the store managers and pharmacy district managers big bonus by trying to help a customer that can’t afford expensive meds. Got to love that failure to our health system because GOD knows it really needed more help at failing but it now is a complete disaster!! Reason bein he wanted to go live with his dad. Ripping apart a person for using vyvanse recreationally is a bit hypocritical in my opinion. S actually EVER ask about your heart condition before giving you a RX? Dont think so his new dr has put him on this med an it is worring me to death becuz im not there to monitior him. I thought he was just bein a boy. We tried several several types of meds nothin worked. This is so scary for me becuz at this time we are miles an miles apart. The school finally stepped in because that was a awful mess him tryin to sit still for 6 to 8 hrs a day . My habit is legal, because I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and I have a prescription. I’ll use it again for a special occasion. It is a lot safer to can you take 400 mg of provigil use it recreationally is vyvanse better than provigil as opposed to getting continually dosing children with amphetamines, destroying dopamine receptor sites and leaving them dependent on a medicine to keep them feeling normal. What do I do? I wonder if i quit adderral for a couple of months and then start is vyvanse better than provigil it again , will it give me the affect it originally did?

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