Gene Expression Unit


Head of Unit

Maurícia Vinhas

289 244 495

Unit Technician

Maurícia Vinhas

289 244 495



The CBMR Gene Expression Unit (GEU) provides highly sensitive systems for sample quality monitoring and gene expression analysis. Quality technical support is provided ranging from advice in experimental design to data analysis.

The GEU is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for sample quality monitoring, Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer, a NanoDrop 2000c Spectrophotometer and an Experion automated electrophoresis system; gene expression analysis, CFX96 and CFX384 Touch quantitative Real-Time PCR Detection Systems, C1000 thermal cyclers (96 and 384 well-plates) and next-generation sequencing (NGS), PGM Ion Torrent sequencer, together with an ES system and an Ion OneTouch 2.0.

The GEU is part of a national NGS infrastructure network, GenomePortugal, which provides basic/applied genome research and advanced services. GenomePortugal main objectives are to strengthen Portugal’s position within international NGS projects and foster excellence in genomics projects.

Ion Torrent System (Life Technologies) Ion Torrent

Ion OneTouch2.0 (Life Technologies) Ion OneTouch2.0

CFX96 qRT-PCR Detection System (BIO-RAD) CFX96 qRT-PCR

CFX384 qRT-PCR Detection System (BIO-RAD) CFX384 qRT-PCR

C1000 THERMAL CYCLERS (BIO-RAD) C1000 thermal cycler

Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer (Life Technologies) Qubit 2.0

NanoDrop 2000c Spectrophotometer (Thermo Scientific) NanoDrop 2000c

Experion automated electrophoresis system (BIO-RAD) Experion

External services:

The GEU offers support alongside Life Technologies for data analysis and support conducting Next Generation Sequencing studies.

Major Equipment

Ion Torrent

Ion Torrent Next generation Sequencer.

Ion Torrent (One Touch ES)


Ion Torrent (One Touch)




CFX Real time PCR systems