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I have been on lycria for nearly 3 years. Hope do you lose weight on provigil this helps everyone out!! THIS IS ONE AWESOME FORUM. As these drugs were all FDA-approved, neither combination had ever been tested for safety by the FDA or American Home Products. While Lyrica may certainly be culpable for the weight that you’ve packed on, it is not the only influential factor. I live in a different state and am considered to have thin hair. I would recomend Topamax to everyone! I also suffer from bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety and take Prozac and Lamotrigine. Most people (~82%) that gain weight on Lyrica tend is there a generic medication for provigil to notice after about a year of treatment. Havent noticed my hair shedding as of yet, I am having some trouble sleeping, feeling tired alot more than usual, of course due to the lack of sleep. Your daily regimen including the amount of exercise you get, sleep quality (and quantity), stress level, and dietary intake can all directly affect whether you gain weight. I have had only one migrane since taking the drug. 5. Patients, who had consumed only fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine, without combining them with phentermine, were also reporting side effects. The only thing i can think do you lose weight on provigil of is I take prozac and that is counteracting with the drug. I have it A LOT! Computer glitch… a letter may have been submitted accidentally. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my happiness with finally finding a drug that prevents my migraines from occuring as often.... 3. I have been on Topamax for almost two months now. But I still lost 25 pounds in a little over a month. Sometimes it doesn’t bother me, but today someone said to me “you look fat today” SCREAM!!! Different smells so my combo won't necessarily work for the next person, also with the way everybody has come down on dr. That being said I cannot take it anymore because it caused a migraine metamorphosis stroke, when I could take it it did wonders when I could take it on time,now I have to try and prevent them and topamax does not work for me, after ALOT of trial and error with my dr we finally found a combo that works for me the key is to narrow down what brings them on which for me is 1. I first took Topamax at age 17 for migraines, which I suffered terribly from. I exercise and eat healthy and have alot of muscle. Multiple patients filed grievance reports at this time, citing the ill effects of Dexfen-Phen and Fen-Phen on their bodies. I was down from 160lbs to 109lbs generic provigil price drop but of do you lose weight on provigil course this was over some period of time more so a year provigil detox or two. Remeron not only put weight on by making me crave and eat sugar and junk food(it's a terrible drug, never take it, I would eat junk food until I threw up and then eat more, it was like a compulsion I couldn't stop)but because of all that junk food and sugar, my blood sugar and pressure spiked to an unhealthy level. I have found if I split my do you lose weight on provigil pills up I'm less confused. I NEED THIS MEDICATION… I’ve taken GABAPENTIN for OVER 10 YEAR and a lARGE drug cocktail due to Vietnam Agent Orange, including Hydromophone (Dilaudid) due to a truck crash. I'd rather be better during the day when it counts than at home, where confusion is okay. I now weigh about 149 and am still dropping pounds! Before you blame a drug for all of your weight gain, make a conscious effort to be healthy so that you truly know whether the Lyrica is responsible for your extra baggage. Other medications I was just recently put on topamax 25 mg for the weight loss benefits and have been reading the side effects. Anyone else start off like this? My soda still tastes weird, but I have found that diet soda tastes like my regular now, so in do you lose weight on provigil my brain that is fine with me. I started when the drug was fairly unknown to most and a generic what is modafinil provigil wasnt available at the time. Which is because so many people abuse meds these days which makes it very hard and unfair for those of us who needs it I have been do you lose weight on provigil on Topamax, 50 mg for a week, and I have already lost 5 lbs! I also went from weighing 150 to 125, an extreme accomplishment since I had always struggled with weight during high school after I could no longer be in sports due to an injury. I have lost almost 20 pounds. On 600mg per day and have gained 2 stone . I'd appreciate insight from anyone taking it and has experienced positive weight loss without severe health issues as a result of taking it... Ask yours and see. I’M MOST GRATEFUL FOR EVERYONE ON THIS BLOG HELP IN COUNTERACTING EFFECTS OF LYRICA. Is the irritation in the stomach area that feels like small stomach burn and the lost of thoughts but that should get better over time.... I forgot to mention, YES, I have noticed the hair loss side effect. In my experience starting high is not the best provigil mind drug thing..... I hate it because I can’t shift it. Imitrex is not a preventive and you have to take it within 15 min of headache beginning, which sometimes is hard because you are not sure if it just a headache or a migraine. Someone who is eating a poor diet and isn’t taking care of themselves may gain weight on Lyrica, but they won’t be able to really know whether it was the drug or it was their unhealthy lifestyle. After I had my back surgery in 2007, I started having really erratic and terrible periods that might be 6 days apart or 66 days apart. Is there a plateau you hit after a while? 100 mg a day. I have fibromyalgia and yes the drug does help but I hate the weight gain as it is all on my stomach. I'm better through out the day and at work, which is needed. Unfortunately Remeron has a side effect of extreme weight gain. I think I've had every sympton. I haven't taken it yet because I don't know if the side effects are worth the risks... In 3 months I gained 50 pounds, weighing in at around 175. It's changed my life for the better twice now! I'm a seasoned Topamax taker. Any thoughts? At age 19 during my spring semester of freshman year in college, I was put on Remeron for my depression and anxiety. It's truly been a miracle. I take one (25 mg) during the day (breakfast) and I take three (75 mg) in the afternoon (dinner). Along with a combination of birth control(Seasonique) I quickly gained control over my constant(sometimes weekly)migraines and only got them during the time of my period when I was off my birth provigil history control. It was decided during the fall semester of my freshman year of college that my birth control suppressed my migraines well enough that I no longer needed Topamax so I was taken off of it and kept the weight off easily. The Mayo Clinic had reported twenty four separate cases of heart valve disease by the summer of 1997, all linked provigil bleeding to the various combinations of phentermine. I still have the tingle in my hands, especially when I smoke. I'll admit I never exercised. I sleep better and less confused in front of my coworkers. In reference to the confusion though. I have struggled with my weight since adolescence, and am thrilled to say that Topamax has really given me no other problems except a few weird tingling sensations in my feet, but I can deal. Why am I not losing the weight like everyone else? That never happensanymore. And I have Topamax and an easy healthy 'diet'(it's really not that hard, hardest part for me was cutting out fruit)to thank! People all over the country were reporting side effects on a daily basis, putting pressure on the FDA and American Home Products. The combination of hormones and Topamax worked extremely well. I was happy that I did not develop kidney stones the only annoyance.... I demanded to be taken off Remeron but the damage was already done. I'm a little frightened of this medication... If I can figure out how, I'll post 'before and after' pics. I'm a definite migraine case and can say that with all the posts I read with the exception of the loss of hair... Stress and nerves followed by 2. And my doctor told me that I was perfectly okay to do this too. I was horrified. Kris. I went in June and they put me on 100 miligrams(50 in the morning and afternoon, if taking birth control it's very important to take Topamax at a different time because it weakens the effect of the bc and can result in break through bleeding)of Topamax and a diet that consisted of basically just vegetables, lean meat, water, and absolutely no carbs or sugar. Therefore if do you lose weight on provigil you do gain weight, it’s likely going to take time and do you lose weight on provigil still may not be considered extreme. A smaller percentage of users (~3%) notice weight gain in the early stages of their treatment. I would not advise people to take this drug unless its needed for the purpose of a migraine, epileptics, or other cases under a doctors suggestion. Desperate for help, I went to a weight loss clinic as soon as school ended. I had to show them a picture of what my hair used to look like because they couldn't believe I ever had "thick" hair. Genetics Ive been on Topamax since June 10, 2011 for migraines and have lost (10 days) 12lbs already, Ive had the tingling in my hands and some odd tingling on my tounge too. Start low and gradually build yourself... I’M A WALKIN’ TALKIN’ MIRACLE OF MODERN MEDICAL SCIENCE!!!!! Quite substantially actually. Only roughly 7% of individuals taking this drug will notice “delayed” onset of weight gain throughout their treatment. I feel great and my blood sugar and pressure are all back to normal, healthy ranges. When I used to go to the salon they would charge me double, complaing that my hair was so thick and there was so much of it. 's for certain meds it is hard to get one with an open mind. It got worse as time went on, the PMS was absolutely horrendous, and after bleeding like a stuck pig for 3m straight and even going onto birth control to try to regulate my hormones, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Endometrial ordering provigil from canada Cancer that required a hysto. I started taking topamex in April slowly at 25 mg increments up to 75 mg couldn't take the 100 mg because it made me too tired. The doctor wanted me to take 2 pills at night and 2 pills in morning- no weight loss very disappointed need to lose 20 lbs.

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