Cell Imaging Unit


Head of Unit

Cláudia Florindo


Unit Technician:

Inês Santos

Tel: 289 244 495



The CBMR Cell Imaging Unit (CIU) provides State-of-the-Art microscopy systems for fixed and live cell imaging. The CIU provides quality technical support ranging from user training, to advice in experimental design and data analysis.

The CIU is equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art microscopes: LSM710 confocal microscope for live cell imaging and spectral detection system; fluorescence microscopes (Axioimager Z2 and Axioimager Z2 with Apotome); Delta Vision Core system for live cell imaging and a Stereo Lumar V12 fluorescence stereomicroscope.

The CIU also has 2 offline workstations: one workstation with the LSM 710 software for offline analysis and a workstation with Huygens Professional sensitive cameras. Hyugens Software (for image analysis & deconvolution)

The CIU is a member of the Portuguese Platform for Bioimaging (PPBI), a functional Platform dedicated to promoting technical integration and centralized management of shared resources in bioimaging. Organized as a nation-wide consortium of “nodes”, housed in top Research Universities and Institutes in Portugal, its services focus on advanced microscopy and processing/analysis of images in the life-sciences, from cell & developmental biology, neurosciences, oncobiology, immunology, infection and regenerative medicine.

DeltaVision microscope (GE Healthcare Life Sciences) Deltavision

LSM710 microscope (Carl Zeiss) LSM710

Axio Imager Z2 microscope (Carl Zeiss) Axioimager Z2

SteREO Lumar.V12 (Carl Zeiss) SteREO Lumar.V12

External services:

The CIU organizes advanced microscopy courses and workshops and is available to researchers outside of the CBMR.


Major Equipment

Axioimager Z2 with Apotome


Axio Imager Z2 /Apotome Microscope


Delta Vision