Animal Facility

Our experienced scientific group provides input and guidance in the design and execution of in vivo studies to researchers from UAlg and external collaborations.


Head of Unit

Vítor Fernandes

Tel: (2) 303 444

Unit Manager

Vítor Fernandes

Tel: (2) 303 444

Unit Technician

Neusa Miguel

Tel: 289 800 056


The CBMR Animal Facility (AF) is a conventional facility for the housing of laboratory mouse strains under “Specific Pathogen Free” (SPF) conditions and consists of 4 units, namely two independent rooms for the housing of up to 3700 animals (mice and small rodents); one experimental room, containing equipment necessary for small surgeries and dissections and one support room, where cleaning, washing and sterilization of cages, food and bedding is performed.

The AF provides technical support for animal health and welfare (as by line d) of nº37 Portaria 1005/92). The AF personnel and users follow the animal health and welfare rules stated at Portaria 1005/92 of the Diário da República.


The Animal Facility provides:

  • Breeding and maintenance of inbred mouse strains, namely C57BL/6, as well as genetically modified mouse strains;
  • Technical and scientific advice to internal and external researchers, including support on the design of genetic manipulation experiments using mouse models;

Biomedical, pharmacological, etc. studies for external entities upon request. For more information, contact us.

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