The Organisation of the CBMR

The CBMR Director (Dr Karl Magnus Petersson) is responsible for the scientific and financial leadership, chairs the CBMR Scientific committee and General Assembly.

The CBMR Director is assisted by his vice-directors: Ana Teresa Maia and Eduardo Melo.

The Scientific Committee is composed by all the members with a PhD degree or higher. This committee approves the scientific strategy, elects the coordinator, and approves the executive committee, the annual reports, and new CBMR members. This committee also has an oversight role over the scientific matters. One representative from each medical team collaborating with CBMR will be present in this committee. Even when lacking a PhD degree, medical background is considered crucial for the better definition of applied R&D strategies.

The General Assembly is composed by all the members and meets at least once a year for discussion of the overall scientific activities of CBMR.