In order to fulfil its mission and to attain its goals, CBMR  undertakes essentially four types of activities:


Scientific and technological research

CBMR will address its scientific objectives through interdisciplinary projects in which the participation of researchers with different and complementary backgrounds will be fostered. Cooperation with other national and international institutes and companies will also be pursued in order to keep CBMR’s cutting edge research of emerging topics in the general fields of biomedicine, molecular biophysics, bioengineering, and biomaterials. Two main objectives are actively pursued: (i) to perform fundamental research to expand the boundaries of current knowledge and to ensure the development of innovative biomedical sciences and technologies; and (ii) to develop applied research in order to exploit such knowledge and translate it into biomedical processes and services provided to the health care economic sector. Both the fundamental and the applied/translational research programmes aim at establishing CBMR as a research institute with excellent standards which will allow to increase its competitiveness at the national and international level.

Advanced education and training

CBMR will provide research and training activities to a vast audience of undergraduate and postgraduate students, and professionals. The integrated members of CBMR are responsible for Graduation courses in Biomedical Sciences, Medicine, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biotechnology and Bioengineering at Universidade do Algarve. The members of CBMR also run post-graduation programmes, at the Master and Doctoral level (2nd and 3rd cycles) in the different domains of biotechnology, bioengineering, biomedical sciences and regenerative medicine. Apart from undergraduate and post-graduate education at the MSc and PhD levels, advanced courses, symposia and other training activities targeting active professionals in Oncobiology, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Biophysics, Systems and Computational Biology, Tissue Engineering, Neurophysiology, Cognitive Neurosciences, and Regenerative Medicine domains will also be organised. The production of theses and educational material (e.g. textbooks) is an expected outcome of some of these activities. E-learning material illustrative of concepts behind CBMR research activities will be produced and made available to students and the society, which will also be able to visit the research labs at UAlg and contact directly with the work in progress. A strong relationship with EU funded training and communication programs will be established. CBMR will also seek for additional international funding to promote the proposed scientific education and training.

Services, consulting and technology transfer

The interaction with the productive sector is of vital importance to the country as a mean of creating new opportunities in the biotechnology area related to biomedicine. CBMR will promote the patenting, licensing, outsourcing and implementation of R&D projects in cooperation with established companies, start-ups or spin-offs. Consulting, contract research, and other services (e.g. advanced analytical techniques) will be made available to the health sector, in particular the diagnostics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Dissemination, scientific awareness and public perception

International scientific journals and conferences will be the primary means of disseminating research results among the specialised scientific community. CBMR will look for a leading role on organising cutting-edge conferences, workshops, and short courses on its different main areas of expertise. Most of these meetings will be fully international and will always aim to attract world leaders on the respective area. CBMR will also undertake initiatives to establish bridges between the scientific community and the society, including the promotion of an Annual Scientific Meeting, Open Days, scientific activities in secondary schools and close collaboration with the National Science Centers and museums (Centros de Ciencia Viva).